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Petty Cash Manager Cloud Setup Guide

Before using the Petty Cash Manager Cloud, a few steps of initial setup need to be done.
Please follow the steps below.

Reasons for Initial Setup

The database of this system is located at the cloud server.
Therefore users need to setup the connection between their PC and the cloud database.
But don't worry, only a few simple steps are required.
Please follow the steps below. 
  1. Download ODBC Driver
    For 64 Bit Windows PC Users : 64 Bit ODBC Driver
    For 32 Bit Windows PC Users : 32 Bit ODBC Driver

  2. Install downloaded ODBC Driver in your PC
    Double click your donloaded installer package.
    The installer automatically complete the installation.

  3. Configure your Windows
    Please go;  "START" --> "Control Panel" --> "Administrative Tools" --> "Data Sources (ODBC)"

    Step 3-1


    Step 3-2


    Step 3-3



    Step 3-4


  4. Download Petty Cash Manager Cloud
    Download Access DB and save it in your PC :  Petty Cash Manager Cloud
    Download Excel Template and save it in D drive :  U-Template.xlsm

    Now you are ready!!
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